The TRG Agency, Inc. is an industry-leading management and marketing agency offering an elite level of expertise, influence, access and insight across three major areas of business platforms. We are relentless in our process and pursuit of success, never asking how we can do better, but what is needed to simply WIN. We deliver results, not promises, through innovative strategies that keep our clients ahead of the curve.


Founded in 2001 by Brian Stretch, our story began far before the name was placed on the letterhead. From humble beginnings, to quickly being referred to as the “Brand Whisperer” behind many corporate brands, Mr. Stretch set out to build an agency with the understanding that building an emotional connection through storytelling would be the foundational glue which molds the agency and the clients we represent.


In addition to our focus and approach to building memorable brands The TRG Agency has built a team of highly specialized professionals that have been hand selected for their dedication and creativity, and come equipped with a wealth of knowledge across each of their respected areas of expertise.  From Sports Brand Management to Hospitality we maximize our results through a cross-functional team approach that integrates all verticals across our business to provide robust and innovative solutions.

 The TRG Agency, Inc. 2020-2023

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