We at The TRG Agency have always been drawn to people and companies with a sense of uncertainty and most importantly a quirky focus on adventure. Those who are willing to sail into the unknown. You never know how far you can go until you find yourself at the edge of what came before and what has never been.  Or, as we see it, the collision of what is timeless and what is timely. So we created a specialty division to serve those curious, courageous risk-takers. No icon was ever created without its share of risk. But if you replace the word “risk” with “creativity,” that's where the real treasures lie.

With a direct focus on Tech, and now that the hours and years of coding are complete, the treasure of peeling back the layers and developing how we can take the product to market is the one area we specialize in. Made up of out of the box thinkers and millennial's asking the hard questions, bringing tangible results in a way of building segmented markets and audiences is where the magic lies and the treasures become real.

 The TRG Agency, Inc. 2020-2023

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